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Annual means of PM10 concentrations, in which 52−75% were PM2.5, ranged from 68 to 273 μg/m3 across the eight sampling sites. Within each city,

Japan Air Pollution: Real-time PM2.5 Air Quality Index (AQI)

Real-time Air Quality Index for more than 60 countries in the world PM2.5 AQI 50 21 87 PM10 AQI 21 13 33 O3 AQI 36 12 42 NO2 AQI 3 2 29


2016524-Excessive ozone gas has become the prime pollution problem in Beijing in recent days, replacing the no

Environmental Quality Standards in Japan - Air Quality [MOE]

1. Environmental Quality Standards in Ja 1. Environmental Quality Standards in JapanSubstance4. Environmental Quality Standards for the PM2.5

2017112-There has been a lack of research on the spatiotemporal pattern of PM2.5 concentrations in China

using environmental monitoring data for predicting PM2.5 |

2015626-Fine particulate matter ([equation]) has a considerable impact on human health, the environment and climate change. It is estimated that wit


Principal component analysis/absolute principal component scores (PCA/APCS) and positive matrix factorization (PMF2), an advanced factor analysis technique we

Air Pollution in Japan

2019219-Real-time Air Quality Index for more than 60 countries in the world Air Pollution in Japan Real-time Air Cautionary Statement (for PM2

along trunk roads in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Journal of

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Long-Range Transport and Local Pollution of PM2.5 in Japan

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Pm25.in - Pm25: PM25.in | PM2.5()(AQI)

Short-term health effects of ambient PM2.5 have been established with numerous studies, but evidence in Asian countries is limited. This study aimed to


The HORIBA Group of worldwide companies provides an extensive array of instruments and systems for appli


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characterization and source apportionment of PM2.5 in

Chemical characterization and source apportionment of PM2.5 in Beijing: seasonal perspective R. Zhang et al. Related authors Show only first author papers

Effects of Urban Landscape Pattern on PM2.5 Pollution—A

20151113-PM2.5 refers to particulate matter (PM) in air that is less than 2.5μm in aerodynamic diameter, which has negative effects on air quality a